With Sphere Travel, we want your stay in Costa Rica to be incredible! And to make this possible, we carefully choose each component that comprises your trip: from the choice of activities, to the choice of restaurants and hotels where you will stay! We suggest you to discover some of the possible experiences in our destination, but this is just a preview, the offer is even greater. Then share what you desire with us!

Yoga and meditation

Each trip is about finding a balance between enjoying the landscapes, experiencing enriching activities and getting a real feeling of well-being. Costa Rica is characterized for being the destination par excellence for « wellness » and today, it is spoken of as a must on the international scene! Nosara, Osa Peninsula, Santa Teresa, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, so many emblematic places in communion with nature where you can choose a yoga class or a meditation class to create in you, a feeling of inner and mental calm. Wonderful experiences that will allow you to achieve disconnection and energy renewal!

Thermal waters

 Often associated with relaxation or praised for its therapeutic virtues, thermal waters and its benefits are numerous! Costa Rica is, by virtue of its volcanic activity, a land prone to hot springs, naturally loaded with minerals. Treat yourself to a bath after a day of discovery and adventure in one of the different establishments offered by the Arenal, Tenorio or Rincón de la Vieja regions, is a real must! As part of your stay, treat yourself to a well-deserved moment of relaxation, which you can also accompany with a spa treatment or a gourmet meal. All this will depend on your favorite place!

Healthy eating

« May your food be your only medicine! » said Hippocrates. With Sphere Travel, we make it a priority to ensure that your passage through Costa Rica is under the sign of eating well! What can you learn about healthy eating with Sphere Travel? To base your food choices on fresh and local ingredients and learn the importance of eating according to your intuition, in order to have a healthy mind and body! We offer you a variety of activities to ensure you go back to your country with a renewed sense of eating and nurturing yourself.

Forest therapy

Forest therapy, also called « forest bath » was born in the 1980s in Japan (under the name of « Shinrin-yoku ») when its practice became officially recognized as being of public utility for its benefits for the health of its population. It is above all a return to nature and all the benefits that this generates: among other things, a relaxing effect through a slow walking exercise combined with meditation, and the quality of the air rich in phytoncides emitted through the trees. You will understand that Costa Rica is an excellent playground for indulging in this discipline: for its ubiquitous nature but also for its certified instructors who will guide you in this exceptional experience of well-being!

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