With Sphere Travel, we want your stay in Costa Rica to be incredible! And to make this possible, we carefully choose each component that comprises your trip: from the choice of activities, to the choice of restaurants and hotels where you will stay! We suggest you to discover some of the possible experiences in our destination, but this is just a preview, the offer is even greater. Then share what you desire with us!

City tour

Visiting a city allows you to immerse yourself in the history of a country, its culture and the illustrious people who have participated in what today constitutes its identity. From the traditional visit to the thematic one, for gourmets, urban art or architecture enthusiasts! We invite you to visit San José, the capital of the country, Sarchí, emblematic city of Costa Rican crafts or Puerto Viejo, cradle of Afro-Caribbean culture, to name a few. We will visit them through their museums, their houses, their restaurants and even their farmers markets!


Costa Rican coffee is recognized as one of the best in the world! Introduced in the 1770s, the commonly and affectionately called “golden grain” by Costa Ricans very quickly became an engine of economic development. Cultivated mainly under the Arabica variety and with quality as a highlight, you can taste it while immersing yourself in its culture and the traditions that surround it in the 8 regions where it is produced: Brunca, Turrialba, Tres Ríos, Orosi, Tarrazú, Central Valley and Occidental and Guanacaste.


With cocoa, Costa Rica wishes to stand out in the production of fine chocolate on the international scene, since it has some of the optimal characteristics to obtain a very high quality production. A journey that resembles that of coffee!

A basic element of Costa Rican culture and its economy, cacao has traversed the history of the country, from the ancestral indigenous culture to the present, being an integral part of its identity. Between plantations and tastings, the “drink of the gods” will no longer have secrets for you!


Costa Rica is a land of flavors, it has something to satisfy all palates! The richness of its gastronomy is due to a mixture of influences of its migratory past, it is characterized by the use of fresh and local ingredients that provides its wholesomeness. You will be invited to taste it from its most traditional versions to the most contemporary ones, also in the typical environments of « sodas » (small Costa Rican restaurant), in more elegant restaurants or directly from the farm.

Rural tourism

To visit rural communities is to live moments of authenticity while making a positive impact from your time in Costa Rica! You will live a human experience that will allow you to get to know the Costa Rican people better, through their gastronomy, art, customs and traditions, in a friendly environment and with a desire to always respect the environment! Guaranteed personal growth!

Indigenous communities

The Bribris, the Cabécares, the Guaymíes, the Malekus, the Borucas, the Teribes, the Huetares and the Chorotegas are the 8 ethnic groups present in the Costa Rican territory, distributed in 24 reserves and that represent a little more than 2% of the total of the population. Most of them are found in the southern part of the country, around the Cordillera de Talamanca, in the provinces of Limón and Puntarenas. Then the others are in Guanacaste, Alajuela, San José and Cartago. Discover the Amerindian communities to immerse yourself in their ancestral traditions based, among other things, on agriculture, crafts, medicinal plants and even dances!

Archaeological sites

Archaeological sites can be associated with places of residence, burial grounds, architecture, workshops, routes, or shipwreck. Of more than 3,000 records in Costa Rica, 4 are registered in the UNESCO World Heritage. These are the settlements of pre-Columbian chiefdoms with megalithic spheres of Diquís in the province of Puntarenas. Also, there is the Guayabo National Monument, of pre-Hispanic origin, which is recognized as the largest in the country, located in the province of Cartago. Give way to imagination during these priceless tours, marked by history!

Artistic workshops

Mosaic, watercolor or ceramic classes, discover our country through its artistic facet and let yourself go by your creativity! Workshops accompanied by personalities from the art world, in close connection with cultural traditions or redesigned in a contemporary way, the aim is for you to have a good time, having learned a technique and its history, and to go to your country with your own masterpiece! A great way to take home a personalized souvenir of your stay in Costa Rica!

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